Nature’s Way Exhibition

Featuring nature-based photography by Liverpool artists Colin Serjent and Jane Groves plus abstract nature-based paintings by Liverpool artist Carlee Graham.

Unity Theatre, Hope Place, Liverpool L1 9BG
Dates: 9th October – 31st October 2015
Open Mon-Sat 12pm – 6pm.
Private View: Thursday 8th October 5.30pm – 7.30pm.
All welcome to attend. Free admission.
Telephone: 07759 525 075

2014-july-02The Unity Theatre are staging an exhibition of striking and sometimes abstract nature-based photographs and paintings by three Liverpool artists during October.

It features the photographs of Colin Serjent and Jane Groves, taken in Liverpool and Merseyside, while Carlee Graham will be showing large nature-based abstract paintings.

“I particularly like taking my photographs in the spring and summer, using azure coloured skies to help emphasise the colour patterns and textures in my pictures,” said Serjent, who has shown his work in the USA, Germany and various parts of England.

“This preference for strong natural light helps me achieve the desired effects in my compositions. Many of the photographs, often taken close-up to the subject matter, are often abstract in appearance.”

Serjent’s subject matters include multi-coloured clusters of leaves, trees, plants, and other forms of distinctive and unusual looking natural habitats.

“Nature is something we don’t always see,” remarked Groves. “We look around and take for granted the sights we see before us.

“Images provide us with a space to see what we would normally scan and discount from our minds. Capturing the here and now stalls our fleeting glance and gives us the opportunity to see these images, and for us to view those sights we tend to disregard as unremarkable.

“We are surrounded by water,” she added,”yet this doesn’t often find a place in our consciousness….the river and the sea.

“Nature is remarkable, it’s nature’s way. My images are a chance to see, held in time, as they are when we passed them by. No camera tricks, no deception, the images are as they were when I first laid my eyes upon them.”

Graham’s paintings depict various natural elements, including earth, fire, water. “The force and fragility of nature inviting the viewer to reconnect with the aesthetic of the world outside.” she remarked.

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