I specialise in abstract photography. My pictures contain, to varying degrees, a combination of many tones of colour, shapes and dense textures and patterns.

I was a late convert to digital photography – having used a Nikon 801 SLR camera – and now use a Fujifilm S5 Pro SLR Digital camera with Nikon lenses.

The photographs included in this website are a slection of non-digital and digital images.

Other Images

A selection of other images of my work can be found on the websites:


I use as subjects for my shots;

old stone or brick walls,
hoardings of torn posters,
weather-beaten doors,
derelict buildings, and various other decayed elements,
fragments of man-made objects,
together with weather ravaged natural objects such as tree bark, tree trunks and branches,
trampled debris,
natural habitats
offbeat views of modern buildings.


The main themes of my abstract work incorporate:

Naturalness (including the effect of weather on natural objects),
decay or erosion,
sense of time,
colour relationships,
silhouettes and shadows.

Silhouettes and shadows can help transcend what otherwise would be mundane or featureless locations or particular things to reveal their abstract qualities.

Photography by Colin Serjent