I have staged or been involved in numerous exhibitions, both in this country and abroad. They include shows in:

Savannah, Georgia, USA (AT Hun Gallery);

Brussels (in an exhibition organised by Liverpool & Manchester Design Initiative);

Gottingen, near Cologne (in collaboration with Blackthorn Galleries, Birkenhead);

2002 Liverpool Arts Biennial (Independent Section) – solo show at the 3345 bar.

2006 Liverpool Arts Biennial (Independent Section) – involved in Red Dot group exhibition at Roscoe Street Gallery.

Including other shows at: The View Gallery, John Moores School of Art & Design department, Southport Arts Centre, Jump Ship Rat Gallery, The Atrium, Liver Building, Blundell Street Gallery, Unity Theatre, Calderstones Park, Ktisis Gallery, Museum MAN (‘S&M’ joint show with Sue Milburn), Kif Gallery, South Bohemia Gallery, Met Art Gallery, Ikonography Gallery, Almiro Gallery (joint show ‘Artisers’ with Sue Milburn), Cornerstone (in group show ‘Loop 07 Overview’) Liverpool, a group show in Berlin, Contemporary Urban Centre (Liverpool), International Gallery (Liverpool), the 08 Place in Liverpool, and Liverpool Academy of Arts.

They have been a mixture of solo shows and group exhibitions, mainly with with Liverpool-based artist collective Red Dot Exhibitions.

Photography by Colin Serjent